Plans lodged for £16m quayside development

Posted on 30th September 2021 | in Community

Plans to build more apartments on Amble’s quayside, have been met with concern and a request for a sizeable contribution to the town’s GP practice.

The £16M development has attracted many comments

The proposal to build four apartment blocks comprising 54 apartments on Amble’s quayside were announced in early September, and have already created quite a stir on social media, with many objection comments being left on Northumberland County Council’s website.

The £16m development would be built on the site of the current boatyard at Coble Quay.
As with other developments in recent years, many comments centred around the lack of infrastructure in the town, especially regarding Amble’s overstretched GP practice.

Northumberland Clinical Commissioning Group (NCCG)said that if the proposal were to go ahead, they would ask for a Section 106 contribution of almost £25,000 in order to expand the Amble surgery.

In their response to the proposal NCCG said, “we consider an expansion of healthcare infrastructure will be required. We have had written confirmation from the GPs who practise from Amble Health centre that they are already facing severe lack of capacity to service their existing workload in the best interest of their patients.”

54 new apartments are proposed on the current boatyard site

Many social media comments also voiced concern that the apartments would end up being holiday homes, which they say are already pricing locals, and young people in particular, out of the housing market in the town.

“Any affordable housing for local people? Or just for landlords from down South to buy up and rent out to tourists?” asked one person on the Ambler’s Facebook page.

Another replied: “Affordable housing does not get riverside locations, as the land is too expensive. On the other hand, we do need affordable housing, with properly enforced rules on not letting it out. Amble is lovely, and this investment will improve it further. But I feel so sorry for the young families who will stop the town becoming a hollow community-less place, like so many on the coast.”

Job creation
In their proposal, the applicants emphasised the level of investment and job creation which would be created: “The current proposal is a £16million private investment that will bring about significant economic benefits. The development of the site would bring about a major development creating a large number of jobs during the construction stages.

“The development would also bring about ‘spin-off’ employment in respect of generating opportunities for existing, local businesses involved with construction and related industries.”

On the subject of affordable housing, a financial contribution is proposed, rather then the provision of affordable units.
“The Applicant accepts that the scale of development proposed warrants an affordable housing element. Given the nature of the current proposals for luxury apartments it is considered that an off-site payment in lieu of on-site provision is the most appropriate mechanism to deliver affordable housing.”

To see the full plans and/or make a comment, see
The planning reference is: 21/03144/FUL
Anna Williams

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4 thoughts on "Plans lodged for £16m quayside development"

  1. Muriel Carter says:

    I love Amble it is such a picturesque spot. Currently the apartments do not over shadow; the Marina etc.I worry that the development appears too large; hence reduce the number of apartments that the developer wants to build, please be mindful that in Amble you do not want it to be a mini London wharf area The housing would be too dense. It would spoil the sea side aspect. Do people with ? a certain amount of income really want to live like that?

  2. Andrew John Brendan Browne says:

    Please, no more horrendous buildings on the Amble Quayside as proposed! The apartments already there are in my opinion are terrible! If I had enough money, I would buy them all and knock them down!! They do nothing for the Town. The Harbour had been beautifully empty and airy, the market/boot sales fitting in well, then going away when finished.. This left a beautiful clean and open space for all to walk in. Do we want to lose this? How much money the proposer would like to donate is not enough to spoil this beautiful setting. It is no wonder that the Doctors have complained. If this development goes ahead, then it shows to me a lack of foresite on the Planner’s and Councillors. Yes Amble must improve and keep up with developments elsewhere, but this is NOT the way!!!!!! Will the next daft idea be to put buildings on the Quayside to block the view of Warkworth Castle?!!!

  3. Maria Pauline Thompson says:

    I agree, the tower flats? More of them? It’s Amble those developers with computerised plans that are taking away our beautiful town and view we have had for years. Lego blocks to come next? Once they build one, the rest follows suit. Enough, leave the spaces we have, I noticed no plans for more trees? Would they be allowed to in Warkworth, I don’t think so.

  4. Norman Bates says:

    Never mind the blot on the landscape but if it is the case, beware of shared ownership that has taken over the property market.

    These group of investors are the new emerging landlords. Properties are sold at inflated prices and besides mortgage, the rent charged on the rest of the shares is sheer extortion considering the scheme gets government grants as I understand it.

    Among other things, If it is shared ownership how come investors don’t contribute their share of maintenance?

    I suppose, this scheme may work for some.

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