Amble practice ‘leading the way’

Posted on 01st October 2021 | in Coronavirus

Amble Health Centre is leading the way by being among the first GP practices in the country to offer flu vaccinations and Covid boosters to patients at the same time.

Colin Heathcote, a patient with Coquet Medical Group, was full of praise for the Amble practice.

He told the Ambler, “Following a text invitation for a Covid booster injection AND annual ‘flu jab, I duly turned out at the Amble Health Centre yesterday. There was a bit of a delay due to some internal IT hiccup but the queue of waiting oldies were good humouredly patient and, as usual, the jabbers and support staff were very friendly, efficient and courteous.”

He added, “If there was a “Health Centre of the Year” award, Amble would be a front runner.”

Dr Ben Burville said that in the last two days they had seen over 1000 patients. But IT issues and 150 extra bookings on the Tuesday meant they had been “snowed under”.

On Twitter he said:

BIG #ThankYou to the whole team at #CoquetMedicalGroup – leading the way on concurrent #flu jabs & #Covid boosters over last 2 days
1000+ patients seen
With IT issues & last minute staffing gaps due to #Covid we faced a very testing day yesterday. Today the system & team shone.”

He also thanked the volunteers who had aided in the running of the clinics.

Sincere THANKS to the volunteers who help make our #Covid #Flu #vaccination clinics possible
#CoquetMedicalGroup #Amble salute you.”

And he confirmed to The Ambler that the jabs were administered at the same time: “Yes flu in right Covid booster in left arm.”

Anna Williams

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