Looking back on 2021

Posted on 24th December 2021 | in Community

Looking back on 2021, there was a palpable contrast between resignation and optimism, as lockdown 3 was followed by gradual opening up of other areas of life. Amble folks do reach for the stars, and individuals and businesses were duly celebrated with nominations and awards. What was also heartening was the number people who opened up new businesses or took over existing ones during this year.

And we are grateful and thankful to the whole team at Coquet Medical Group who are one  of the best performing covid vaccination centres in the country.

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One thing that hasn’t changed, is the popularity of Amble to TV and film stars, who keep coming to visit. A-list celebrity Harrison Ford sampled the menu at the Fish Shack, while the BBC seems to have us on speed dial right now. A local face who became famous was Brad McClelland, who joined the cast of Love Island and talked about Amble so much, the social media team changed their location to Amble, as a bit of fun!

However, one visitor we could probably have done without was Arwen, the storm which caused so much damage at the end of November.

And the year ends almost full circle, as the hospitality industry looks nervously at empty bars and restaurants, while our magnificent health centre battles relentlessly through the queues for covid boosters.

So here’s to those who keep us going; our community, our colleagues and friends. The healthcare professionals, teachers, volunteers, local businesses, and key workers. Thank you – we may not be clapping on doorsteps anymore, but we still appreciate you all. While others talk, you are the ones who have been walking the walk – for nearly two years now. Thank you.

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