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Posted on 08th October 2021 | in Community

St Mark’s United Reformed Church buildings, on the corner of Bede and Wellwood Streets, will close at the end of December, as Ambler readers will have read. BUT the Bede Street corner will continue to be a home for St Mark’s folk – as a ‘pop up church’ in the front room of the neighbouring undertakers, at least for the immediate future!

St Marks church will close at the end of 2021

The 127 year old buildings, which have been the part of the lives of so many Amble families, are in serious need of expensive renovation, but none of our small but faithful congregation are able to organise the complete overhaul that this task will demand.

Worshippers and hall users alike have been asked what their dreams and visions are for both buildings, the work and fellowship that still radiates from this corner of Amble. But transforming dreams and visions into reality presents other challenges – especially when the necessary fundraising and organisational skills are in short supply.

Some in Amble have named this area of town ‘Community Corner’ and indeed it is not just URC worship that continues from here in the months before St Mark’s buildings close in December; Amble’s Food Bank and the Community Takeaway serve residents well from this location.

The phrase, For Amble’s Benefit (F.A.B)has become both a mantra and challenge to a group of community-minded individuals that have met twice during the summer. They will meet again in October continuing the discussions and actions which they would dearly like to be For Amble’s Benefit.

As a group of Councilors, charity and community linked individuals, they would REALLY like to hear from you, soon, about what YOU think could benefit to the age group and life stage that you represent. This may be the first, or the only time you have ever responded to such a request as this one, but this is an opportunity to ask questions of and make suggestions about issues and topics of relevance to the town into which you were born, or have chosen to live.

What activities and amenities for example, would benefit you and people like you as we emerge into a very different world from 18months ago?

What would you like work, free time, your street and town to look and feel like – for EVERYONE’S benefit, in Amble.

If you would like to have YOUR questions heard by others, and to share ideas you may have that are For Amble’s Benefit, please correspond via The Ambler, as soon as possible, ( (or to because the F.A.B. group wants to hear what’s on YOUR mind, for our Community of Amble.

Revd Alison Mills

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One thought on "Give us your F.A.B. ideas"

  1. Mona Lott says:

    Very sad that yet another church in the country closes its doors, the usual reason being dwindling number of worshippers cannot raise funds so the quick fix is to close church doors, maybe sell it to generate funds.

    There is however another option, church leaders should get out there, in the community, visit homes, evangelise. They seem to be content preaching to the few regular church goers.

    I’ve seen many a church turned into an exhibition hall, soft play centre , pilates studio., Arts Centre and even places of worships for other religions.

    I don’t have any dreams or visions for that corner, the reality is that there exists a Church and that should be kept going. Helping one another in the community is no substitute to worshipping God. The rest follows, parishioners have groups that reach out to each other. Our Catholic churches have also taken a hit but not as much as some other churches.

    Hope councillors can contribute towards repairs for the church and remuneration if indeed that is what they would prefer. Our taxes are squandered on things less deserving. Well, you did ask for our opinion.

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