Skipper ‘gutted’ at loss of trawler

Posted on 25th February 2022 | in Community

Crowds gathered today to watch salvage teams as they began to raise an Amble fishing boat which sank in the harbour during Storm Arwen.

Ian Jackson, skipper of Kindly Light

Ian Jackson, skipper of the Kindly Light told The Ambler: “I only bought her a year ago. I’ve spent all the year doing her up just how I wanted. Then Storm Arwen came and she sank. I’m gutted”

And to add to Ian’s woes the prawn trawler wasn’t insured.

The prawn trawler sank in Amble harbour during Storm Arwen

“I had all the paperwork together and it was booked in for January. I don’t know what I’ll do now. We’ll get her out, have a look and see where we go from there.”

The salvage team from Tyne & Wear Marine based in South Shields, told the Ambler that since Arwen, they had raised seven vessels, all casualties of storms.

Water was pumped out of the vessel so it could be removed from the harbour wall.

The lifting operation for Kindly Light took several hours, as a diver had to adjust cables in order to bring the vessel to the surface. Pumping gear was then installed to remove much of the water.

Anna Williams
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  1. What happened to the salvaged trawler Kindly Light ?

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