Amble responds with aid and support for Ukraine

Posted on 25th March 2022 | in Community

Generous Amble residents have donated goods and money to help the people of Ukraine, with hundreds of bags full of humanitarian aid handed into collection points in the town. Groups, organisations and schools are collecting, donating, or spreading the message as best they can.

Children from Amble Links First School showed their support for the people of Ukraine.

Many of the aid collections began after a Polish family in Longhoughton posted on social media asking for donations of aid for Ukraine.

Linda Wilkinson who runs Pet Support on Church St was more than happy to provide space. She told the Ambler that a friend of hers had seen the social media post and had suggested her shop might make a good collection point. Linda said that seeing images on TV of Ukrainian people suffering bombing and displacement had aided her decision to help.

“I had an uncle killed in WW2, and a lot of my family were affected by the bombing. I see so many comparisons with what is happening now in Ukraine. I am amazed at how generous Amble people have been – but not surprised. Amble people do rally together.”

l-r Mary Mcnally representing Amble Churches Together; Linda Wilkinson, Margaret Brown, Ken Brown of Pet Support

Mary Mcnally representing the local churches called in with several large boxes of goods, and told the Ambler she had been given around £500 in cash by a number of people, who preferred to donate money. “We’ll continue to collect for Ukraine as long as it’s necessary,” she said.
Schools and businesses are also offering help or to be collection hubs.

Brambles staff and parents have donated goods, as did Warkworth Primary, and JCSC have encouraged their staff, pupils and family to donate to Hadston House’s collections.

Amble First School are planting sunflowers (Ukraine’s national flower) in blue pots to sell to raise money for children’s charities in Ukraine

Amble Links First School decorated their windows in blue and yellow and invited parents to donate £1 to the DEC Ukraine appeal. Amble First School children are potting sunflowers in blue pots and selling these to raise funds for children’s charities in Ukraine.

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Morrisons have already had two trolleys of donations and said they will continue to collect as long as necessary. Brewis Beer are joining forces with other Northumberland breweries to create a Ukranian recipe ‘anti Imperial stout’.

Goods from Pet Support will be taken to Hadston House, and then on to a county council organised drop off point to be sorted, put onto trucks and taken to Poland.


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3 thoughts on "Amble responds with aid and support for Ukraine"

  1. Mona Lott says:

    Amble and the North East can be very proud of the ABC saints, Aidan, Bede and Cuthbert, with churches, streets and establishments bearing their names.

  2. Mona Lott says:

    Was there any need for all the blue and yellow flags, That ‘s bringing politics into school. I have reservations about flying flags of other countries including the EU.

    My comment on the ABC saints was meant for the blog Sort out your Saints.

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