Age of insecurity

Posted on 26th May 2022 | in Community , Harry McQuillen: Age of insecurity

Top of our news column is Ukraine and Russia. Trying to return a country to its previous prominence in international affairs will always cause chaos. The Russian hierarchy believes it has the right to reclaim area designated by people who speak Russian. Shades of the British Empire and “people like us.”
Conflict between a citizen army and a conscript army is likely to be nasty. Putin and Co. trumpet their nationalistic agenda while lying to their own people. Truth will out after a long running conflict.

A very valuable commodity is truth. It’s a great pity that some of our leaders wouldn’t recognise it if it jumped up and bit them. Being economical with the truth is widespread in our Age of Information. We should be able to see a true picture of the action and inaction of our leaders despite mixed messages.
Widespread sports coverage fills our media. Radio and TV make a lot of money out of their coverage. Isn’t it odd that a very limited number of teams top our Premiership Football League? Can rich owners guarantee success despite attempted restriction? Women’s sport shows the same cash nexus.

Most of us are feeling the pinch as prices rise and incomes plateau. Choices between eating, heating, clothing, leisure, holidays and other aspects of self-indulgence are with us to stay.

The environment may benefit from the choices we have to make. We’re told that half of the world’s wealth is now in the hands of the Chosen Few. I don’t envy any of them in a world where I’ve always been able to manage. Mind you, I wouldn’t object to a pools win that paid for my house. And there are such a lot of people to be helped.
Our local area is always with me, with images in my mind of places I love. I have seen many changes in the last couple of decades. A profusion of holiday homes brings visitors, pricing locals out of the market. I wonder how the town will look in ten years time.
It’s not a bad thing to look at the NOW. My Natural Optimism Drug is a work in progress. Let’s all hope that it brings peace and happiness to everyone we know and many we don’t know.

Harry McQuillen

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One thought on "Age of insecurity"

  1. Mona Lott says:

    Putin & Co lying. How do you know that.

    President Putin is doing a great job defending and protecting his country. Not a single British MP has a problem with so called asylum seekers in their hundreds being helped by the French navy and the RNLI and the Royal Navy so that they make it safely to our shores. I will not be supporting the RNLI that allows itself to be misused thus.

    We shouldn’t even be spending a penny on this crisis, The organisations that want Britain to open its borders to these invaders should be paying for all this, Rwanda included.

    How can Britain be such suckers to international laws that wish to destroy this country?

    I thought it was the job of our military to defend our country from being invaded. Instead, it is doing all it can to defend Ukraine from being invaded. Disband Nato, which is nothing but a Russia hating organisation, envious of their nuclear power. I always believe in a balance of power, which thankfully Russia is providing.

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