Bird sculpture trail begins construction

Posted on 25th July 2022 | in Amble Development Trust , Community , Heritage & Tourism

Groundwork has begun on some of the Bord Waalk bird sculptures.

Bird Song sculpture: l-r fabricator Chris Taylor with artists Aether and Hemera

The first piece is Bird Song, by Aether and Hemera, two artists from Italy. Their piece reflects the soundwaves made by the call of a Roseate Tern, and was created after a visit to Amble in February 2020.

Sphere by artist Rob Mulholland

Further along the Braid, next to the Shorebase Trust will be Sphere, from Scottish artist Rob Mulholland. This steel lattice of bird forms was inspired by Rob’s visit to Amble just before the Covid lockdown.

Murmuration by artist Frances Anderson, will be situated next to the East cemetery

The trail will consist of twelve physical sculptures and an app which allows people to listen to specially created poetry, birdsong, soundscapes and music. There will also be information about each sculpture, and information on the birds and the local ecology.
Anna Williams

This article has been updated to include the type of bird song depicted by Bird Song.

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