Fruity question for Amblers

Posted on 18th August 2022 | in Amble Development Trust , Community , Health

As you may have read in a previous Ambler, we are looking to establish an orchard at Amble Welfare.

apples on a tree

When we have been discussing the project a couple of things have come up that you may be able to help with:

  1. A number of people recall there being orchards in Amble and the surrounding area in the past – where were they and what did they grow?
  2. Before we start planting any trees we thought it would be good to know what grows well locally. So if you have an abundant apple tree or plentiful plums then let us know the variety (if you don’t know the variety we might be able to work it out with a good picture).

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

Andrew Gooding
Amble Development Trust

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One thought on "Fruity question for Amblers"

  1. Peter Proctor-Cannon says:, 1920 Ordinance map , Show an orchard stretching from windmill cottage down Albert st, to Woodbine street where dog leg took it alongside Woodbine street,

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