Reports from our County Councillors #138

Posted on 01st February 2023 | in Community , Northumberland County Council

Councillor Jeff Watson

I was delighted that Northumberland County Council allocated £10,000 to the Amble Food Bank to help with its good work.

Central Government have also given grants to our schools to help with heating costs. The grants are £30,000+ for James Calvert Spence College, £13,000+ for Amble Links and £12,000+ for Amble First School.

The plans for the new structure of the Coquet Schools partnership are progressing. There are meetings taking place between planners and interested partners to ensure that the Amble area as well as the schools can benefit from the massive capital investment that is being made in this development.

I have been working with NCC officers/Sports England/Football Foundation to include sports and recreational activities that will improve what is available to our young people and the community as a whole. A 3G pitch available to all is one of my priorities along with ample free parking to alleviate the problems that occur on Acklington Road when the Welfare ground is being used.

As Amble continues to grow I believe it is imperative to improve the facilities that the community needs to keep active and healthy and I will continue to work towards that aim.

Jeff Watson
Amble West with Warkworth 07802 385367

Myself and fellow Councillor Jeff Watson have funded through our small members scheme a video camera that will allow the police to zoom in and capture clear pictures when pursuing off road motorcycles especially along our national coastal footpath.

Councillor Terry Clark

It can also be utilised for obtaining the registration plates of the bikes themselves or the vehicles dropping them off, as well as providing evidence for prosecuting off road nuisance motor vehicles.

This camera will help gather details of nuisance off road bikes in the area to help build intelligence regarding offenders in helping the police with the dangers of anti- social biking within Amble, Hauxley, North Broomhill and Warkworth.

Police are fully aware of how anti-social off road bikes can cause distress and noise nuisance as well as a danger to the public and riders themselves. Purchasing this camera will increase the police resources in addressing this problem.

There has also been counter measures put in to limit access to these vehicles along the Dolphin Court / Fontburn footpath, installing barriers while giving enough space for mobility access.

Residents need to note details of anyone they see driving illegally or causing a nuisance on these bikes, anyone who has information please contact Northumbria Police – phone 101. Email

Hopefully these measures when combined will help to lessen the impact of these bikes on the local community.
Cllr Terry Clark Amble, Hauxley and North Broomhill 07779 983768

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One thought on "Reports from our County Councillors #138"

  1. John Heron says:

    It is good to see some measures are being put in place but if merely a token gesture. It is quite astonishing an expanding town like Amble does not have a police presence. There are kids riding off road motorbikes with impunity, quad bikes been driven at speed throughout the town happens regularly. It is also puzzling why there are no traffic calming facilities on Acklington Road,especially between the two schools. Without a police presence, people can and will behave as they please. I realise budgets are tight,but surely not at the expense of so much anti social behaviour going unchallenged.

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