Friends rally round for lifesaving Amble surfer who lost home

Posted on 24th March 2023 | in Community

An Amble surfer who helped save three people from drowning has lost his home and belongings after a robbery. But kind hearted friends are rallying to help him get back on his feet.

 Surfing instructor Jacob used his campervan as his home

Jacob Poulton had his camper van and all his belongings stolen during a stop-over on his way from Cornwall back to Amble. And when police dropped the investigation, and his insurance wouldn’t pay for the contents, he was left with nothing.

Jacob moved from Amble to Cornwall in October 2021 to teach surfing, and used his campervan as his home. He told The Ambler how upset he felt at the loss:

“I’ve never really had a place to live permanently until I had my van which was always there, and I’d worked so hard to convert it. I was coming home to Amble and thought that the 10 hour drive would be a bit long, so I stopped off to see a friend in Warwick. I got there at about 9pm and returned a few hours later and it was completely gone.

“The police dropped the investigation about 48 hours later and said they couldn’t find it, and the insurance won’t cover the contents of the van which was pretty much every item I own, expensive or sentimental or essential.”

Jacob with his belongings

But that’s when friends from across the country stepped in to help, by setting up a crowdfunder page for him.

Jacob said “My friends from Cornwall and Amble have been absolutely amazing and so supportive. Setting up the gofundme was absolutely amazing, because I had no idea they were doing it. They just knew how rough it was [for me], and next thing I know there’s people donating to me, and I had no idea about it.”

Last year, Jacob and surf instructor Jon Nolan of Amble’s Northside Surf School won silver in the North East Tourism’s Unsung Hero category, partly as an acknowledgement of when they rescued three swimmers who got into difficulties in the sea at Druridge Bay. The swimmers became caught up in the rip tides, and Jacob was one of the surfers who helped bring them safely back to shore.

 Jon Nolan and Jacob at the award ceremony

But now it seems Jacob’s good deeds have been reciprocated. Ryan Jobson told The Ambler: “I have known Jacob since he was a boy and I’m a family friend. When I read what happened to him, I wanted to help in some way.”

He added, “The people of Amble always help their own and Jacob has the support of his family, friends and community here in Amble and in Cornwall.”

Jacob said “I never thought I’d receive this much support and I’m so grateful. It’s all amazing knowing that when you least expect it so many people can reach out and restore a bit of hope after having everything taken away from you.”

The GoFundMe page to help Jacob can be found here:

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