Working together to tackle crime in Amble

Posted on 25th May 2023 | in Community , Police

Amble is enjoyed as a close-knit community, workplace and tourist attraction by many. Northumbria Police and Northumberland County Council work together to ensure the area remains a safe and enjoyable place for people to visit and live in.

Picture of Gordon Saunders, Northumberland Fire and Rescue; Judith Davis, Community Safety Officer NCC; PCSO Darin Fawcett; PC Dan Richardson.

l-r: Gordon Saunders, Northumberland Fire and Rescue; Judith Davis, Community Safety Officer NCC; PCSO Darin Fawcett; PC Dan Richardson

Amble has a low crime rate; however, Northumbria Police are aware of a number of problems.

• March saw the first of a series of community engagement events with Police, NCC Community Safety, Housing and officers from the Fire Service conducting a town walkabout followed by an afternoon at the library where residents were able to speak to officers in confidence.

Officers spoke to a number of residents and tourists about a variety of concerns from parking and damage to ASB and motorcycle disorder. Those spoken to were positive in their feedback of the event.

• There have been reports of vehicles involved in anti-social activities and concerns around the standard of driving in the area, with a particular focus around Morrisons and the A1068.

Neighbourhood staff have been looking at these issues and will continue to do so with regular patrols. The Operations Department has also deployed unmarked vehicles and will continue to do so where possible in order to deal with these issues.

As a result of this Neighbourhood staff have spoken to a number of drivers concerning the need for considerate driving and have issued warnings around potential enforcement action that could be taken should any vehicle be involved in anti-social driving or incidents.

Home visits to identified drivers have been made and appropriate action taken. Drivers of vehicles involved in incidents of this type should be in no doubt that if they continue to act in this manner, they could lose their vehicle and their driving licence through police led enforcement action.

• Northumbria Police saw an increase in youth related antisocial behaviour especially over the Easter holidays. A number of youths have been targeting elderly members of the community on Queen Street. Youths have been kicking at residents’ doors and shouting verbal abuse.

Parents are requested to engage with their children to ensure they are not involved in this type of behaviour. Robust action will be taken against anyone targeting elderly members of the community.

Officers have been liaising with community members, shops and schools to identify a number of young people who have caused problems in the community.

In one weekend 16 young people were visited at home and spoken to in the presence of their parents/guardians. The action saw a drop in reported incidents. The work is ongoing and further action will be taken where those involved come to police attention again.

NCC supports police, not only where those involved are council tenants, but by ensuring young people and their families receive support where needed, particularly where the young people themselves are vulnerable.

However repeat offenders may be in breach of their tenancy agreement, and if found to be involved in ASB, this could lead to action being taken against them by the housing authority.

• Police have launched an initiative to tackle motorcycle disorder and off-road bikes by using drones to locate and identify offenders in conjunction with British Transport Police. The first of such deployments saw five bikes being seized and appropriate enforcement action taken. This initiative will continue throughout the year.

There are no locations hereabouts where the riding of motorcycles offroad is permitted and anyone with information about motorcycle disorder is asked to report it.

• Finally, NCC Community Safety has been granted funding from the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner to carry out work relating to the safety of women in public places. Part of the funding is being used to carry out high visibility evening patrols in a number of areas. Amble is not seen as an area of concern in this regard; however, the town and surrounding area have been included on a number of occasions.

Officers from Community Safety and Police have engaged with members of the public to increase public reassurance and identify locations where women may feel unsafe when out and about. The initiative has been well received and will continue throughout summer.

How to contact the police or council

Anyone who would like to discuss a related matter can contact Judith Davis on the NCC Community Safety: details given below:
Officers are conducting regular patrols of the area and should you wish to report any concerns please call 101 or use the Northumbria Police web page:
In an emergency if there is risk to life or property call 999
To contact NCC community safety – call 0345 600 6400 and ask for public protection, or email

Contributing to this report
Sgt. Les Robson, Northumbria Police Neighbourhood Team.
PC.3835 Richardson, Amble Policing Team.
Judith Davis, Community Safety Officer, Northumberland County Council

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2 thoughts on "Working together to tackle crime in Amble"

  1. Matthew Connolly says:

    I wonder within all of this any mention of the community trigger process could have been made? Time and time again it is hidden from the public. If crime is reported on the portal on 3 occasions in 6 months a meeting may be held to try and address issues. It has to be reported in the way that the police want. Why is there no information about this process?

  2. Stephen says:

    I’m concerned about speeding cars up and down Percy Drive, one car in particular sounds very fast from where I am. Someone is going to get killed before long. Also motorbikes on footpaths behind the surgery are causing issues. What’s the point in all the monitoring cameras if they aren’t monitoring them, a pointless waste. Still we can hope.

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