Remembering Fenwick Brabben

Posted on 28th July 2023 | in Community

On 18 April, Fenwick Brabben died, a few weeks before his 79th birthday.

Fenwick Brabben

So many people knew Fen, who loved to walk and to chat to passers-by.

He was a much-loved character who took a keen interest in greeting everyone, often dropping foreign phrases into the conversation, a legacy of his army days stationed in Germany.

His wife Marj told The Ambler “I would like to thank the wonderful people of Amble who kept their eye on him on many occasions, and sometimes even brought him home, or informed me of which field he was walking!

“I want to thank people for all the things they did for him. Everyone will know how much he loved walking and talking to people.

“As Fen would have said: ‘Alles klaar’.”

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