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Posted on 28th July 2023 | in Amble Development Trust , Bord Waalk

We started off the year with a community workshop to build an Investment Plan for the town and we have been informed by NCC that Amble is to be included in the area covered by their share of the UK Prosperity fund, which is a replacement for previous EU funding. This is good news, so once we know what the criteria are for applying we will be looking at the investment plan to see if we have identified any projects that fit. Of course it then becomes a bit of a beauty contest for who has the best application – but you have to be in it to win it, so we will be trying our best for Amble again.

Amble Development Trust accounts 2022/23

The formal process of funding the proposed refurbishment of the MUGAs is ongoing and we hope to make a start very soon. Unfortunately I cannot give a start date as NCC are having to coordinate multiple sites through the one application, so it is a longer complicated process than anticipated, but we’ll get there.

We are in a similar position with the play area as we wait for a date to begin the work from the contractor as we now have the funds secured through NCC S106 funding.

Still in limbo is the decision on a Neighborhood Development Plan. Although some progress has been made as we await a date to meet with the Town Council and NCC officers.

We had a very successful Royal visit to officially open the Bord Waalk sculpture trail. His Royal Highness The Duke of Gloucester carried out the ‘ceremony accompanied by Her Grace the Duchess of Northumberland as well as lots of school children and members of the community, and groups who had participated in the workshops and the artists who created the sculptures. Thank you to everyone who came along and enjoyed the sunshine and cake afterwards!

One of the Augmented Reality (AR) bords which is now accessible via the Bord Waalk app

If you have time to walk the full length of the trail we hope you enjoy the additional info that the app includes, from poetry, bird recordings and the virtual and augmentation that bring the whole Bord Waalk story to life.

Our job search facilities are now open from 9am – 5pm each week day. If you would like to contact the Ambler or are requiring a CV you can do so by ringing: 01665 712929 or emailing or

Julia, all Trust staff and Trustees

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