Blister Pack recycling issues

Posted on 10th August 2023 | in Environment , Health

Earlier this year St Cuthbert’s Church announced that they would collect Blister Packs for recycling (Issue #138 p4). This fitted in with the Church’s policy of exploring a deeper environmental approach.

Unfortunately, it became apparent that Superdrug could not handle the volumes of packaging we were taking to them.

Despite our efforts to secure an alternative channel,

it seems these can only be recycled though a pharmacist, and the scheme is aimed at individual low volume ‘drop off’ of personal packs. In addition, the recycling centres charge the pharmacies for this facility, which does not cater for large volumes.

St Cuthbert’s are sorry for any confusion this has caused but at present, we can no longer offer a blister pack recycling service.
St Cuthbert’s Church

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One thought on "Blister Pack recycling issues"

  1. Robert Child says:

    Terracycle are firm involved in all types of recycling. Having used them in the past to recycle aluminium cans they are an excellent team to deal with. I know that they have a blister pack recycling scheme which may be of interest to you.

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