Lily Tibbitts’ Student Life #141

Posted on 10th August 2023 | in Community , Education

Summer’s here and my first year of uni is done. Or, technically it’s been done since May (which combined with two month-long breaks in the middle does make you wonder a bit where your money’s going, but oh well).

It’s almost time for a whole new cohort of freshers to start the uni experience, so I thought I’d try to come up with some advice from what I’ve learned so far.
1. Make the most of societies and students’ union events. They usually have loads of really fun trips and activities for super cheap prices.

2. Student accommodation beds are usually worse than sleeping on the concrete outside – a mattress protector is going to save your life.

3. You don’t need that many tupperware tubs. Seriously. I promise.

4. Say yes to as many things as you can, because you never know where you’re going to meet a new friend or pick up a new hobby.
5. But don’t be afraid to take some time for yourself too. There’s a lot of pressure to do everything, especially in the first few weeks. Listen to your mind and take a break if you need to. You’re not falling behind. People aren’t going to all make friends without you.

6. Start a cleaning rota early. Trust me.

7. Don’t pressure yourself into making friends for life in the first couple of days. Sure, you might meet your soulmate on your very club night of freshers, but for most people it takes a while to find the people they click with, whether it’s course mates, flatmates, people you meet at societies, or people you bump into randomly (you bump into a lot of people randomly). Chat to strangers. Go to lots of places. But trust that it might take time to find your circle.

8. No, seriously. You have nowhere to put them. You don’t need all those tupperware tubs.

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One thought on "Lily Tibbitts’ Student Life #141"

  1. Mona Lott says:

    Sound advise. Yes, too many holidays.

    I too was advised, no room for Tupperware at all, in fridge or freezer. Please, please, no room. But thanks Ma for the food anyway, in all them tubs neatly labelled with days of the week. Prefer cooking fresh everyday with George Foreman; flat mates have great fun cooking. Shopping done late evenings all with yellow stickers. Will bring home laundry.

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