‘Village’ feel with new mobile classrooms at JCSC

Posted on 19th September 2023 | in Community , Education

Children moving from the middle school site on South Avenue to James Calvert Spence’s main site, now have their own mini village of mobile classrooms, while work begins on the new school buildings.

Executive Head Neil Rodgers at the ‘mini village’ of mobile classrooms

As many people will know by now, JCSC is undergoing a huge change – both in terms of its structure, and in due course, the building itself. The educational system has been three tier: First, Middle and High school, and will now change to to two tier: Primary and Secondary.

Work to prepare the middle school for its changes has meant that years 5 and 6 have had to move to the main school site, but staff have been careful to ensure they feel as comfortable as possible.

Executive Head Neil Rodgers told The Ambler, “Pupils are all now on the main school site, but we’ve tried very hard to let the youngest be together, with their own area and the staff close at hand.”

Good camaraderie

The new term began with a flurry of reorganising, unpacking boxes and moving furniture. During the holidays eight mobile classrooms were brought in and prepared for the children, who are now all together behind the sports hall.

“We’re really pleased with the way things are going,” said Neil. “The staff have adapted well, there’s been no real complaints, we’re adapting and changing and it’s really lovely to see all the staff all the time. There’s been a lot of support and good cameraderie.”

Logistics have meant lunch and break times are split, so the younger children have their own playtime and have lunch first.

Preparations for the new school build means there won’t be a year 5 intake next September, those children will stay in their first schools for two years.

“We’ll be looking at the new school plans in more detail, hopefully in November, so we can then get an accurate workstream for the build” said Neil.

In the meantime, despite a few niggles, (look out for Artograffi in The Ambler #142!) the move to the new Key Stage 2 ‘village’ appears to have gone remarkably well.

Anna Williams

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