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Posted on 06th October 2023 | in Amble Town Council

Town: 12th October, 9th November at 6p.m. Council Office
Amenities: 23rd November at 6p.m. Council Office
Remembrance Day Wreath Laying Service: 12th November

Why do some people feel the need to be destructive? Are they angry at something? Are they trying to be ‘clever’? Do they think it makes them look ‘big’ to their friends? Why they do it seems a mystery to most of us as there seems no real reason why whatever is troubling them should result in acts of vandalism and anti-social behaviour.

This means others spending their time or money putting right what has been damaged. Last year, Council refurbished the East Cemetery Gates; this year we will have to spend again to restore the mindless vandalism to the round handles, which has been reported to the Police.

Recently plants were taken from the Rotary flowerbed in the Town Square- widely published on social media then reported to Police- time and money needed to replant. Not only climbing on them but removing painted stones from their commemorative bed. These examples are bad enough but what was in someone’s mind to make them decide to defecate in the children’s ‘teacup’ in the Paddlers Play area!?!! What a disgusting thing to do. Words are not enough to praise the ladies who found the mess and took it upon themselves to discard it and clean the area before reporting it.

Thankfully these antisocial people are in the minority and the greater majority are working hard to keep our town as a lovely place in which to live and enjoy. Thanks to all those involved in whatever capacity as we are truly grateful for your efforts.

When it involves things over which the Council has control or responsibility, our staff are always willing to help residents whenever they can. In this modern era there are lots of ways in which those who wish to, can obtain advice or make a complaint. There are few businesses which do not have a telephone contact or an internet presence to enable you to get in touch. Please think carefully about who you should contact and don’t automatically assume it should be the Town Council.

Some recent examples which we cannot deal with are complaints about access to a business, use of their toilet facilities, disability discrimination, dirty premises, dog fouling/litter on the streets, food below standard. All these should be addressed to the business or company first or highlighted to the relevant department at County Council level.

Soon a small group of JCSC students will start working with Council on developing a Community website which we hope will contain information on all the pastimes and activities available in the town.

Please contact Council with details of your group. We are not just interested in sport but also in social and creative interests. We want to include things for all age groups from babies and toddlers to the elderly, from the very active to the more sedate, from the knowledgeable to the keen to learn more. Whether it’s Football or Knit and Natter, please do let us know.


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