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Posted on 06th October 2023 | in Amble Development Trust , Community

We are still waiting for dates for the playzone work to commence – our last meeting was in early September. However the good news is that work will begin to remove and replace the rubber crumb flooring in the children’s play area at the Welfare sometime in September. (See Artograffi page.)

On Neighbourhood Planning, we hope a combined meeting will have been convened in October. We have also asked for a meeting with NCC officers regarding the new school development. As the planned route from the proposed car park is through the Welfare, we would like to know what their plans are. We have seen from the planning application that it is proposed to cut down some trees and install new lighting, but we have not been contacted or spoken to about either.

Following up on an idea that came out of the Investment Plan workshop, we met online with members of the Derwent Valley Car Club and Edge Innovation who are carrying out research into options for similar clubs that would meet the needs of the communities they could serve. The research findings will be collated, shared with various government departments and used to apply for funding to establish electric clubs around the country.

On a slightly different note, from our office window we now have a view of the planter which has the painted stones in and can confirm just how successful it has been. Whether it be locals or visitors, there are dozens of people looking at it every day. Unfortunately some people seem to feel the need to stand on it to look it, which is not advised.

Elsewhere in this edition there is a letter about the Royal visit and the apparent lack of information that was made available to let the public know it was happening. Throughout the planning process I tried to let everyone know it was happening but wasn’t given the official nod to release all the details until the Friday before it actually happened – which made publicising it a little difficult.

Everyone who had taken part in various elements of the project had basic information so were all on standby. However getting information out to the wider public was more difficult than making a phone call.

I realise that not everyone uses social media but we thought The Ambler Facebook page would be read by as many as we could possiblly hope for to get the message out there. Apologies to anyone who felt they had missed out – we did try.

Julia, all Trust staff and Trustees

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