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Posted on 21st December 2023 | in Amble Development Trust

Hello everyone, welcome to the last Ambler of 2023. And once again we ask where has the year gone!
We’ve weathered storms of purported biblical levels. Now as winter approaches we face the prospects of a Covid resurgence, but we have managed to survive this all before and I’m sure we will emerge in the New Year looking forward to happier times.
Having said that I would like to share some sad news with you all. I’m sure you will remember Florence Angus, who not only ran her business on Queen Street but was also integral to Amble having Christmas lights.
Florence was chairperson of the Lights Committee for many years and encouraged businesses and volunteers to work together to make the street a brighter place in the run up to Christmas. The tradition a group of hardy volunteers still carry out for the town today. Last month we received the sad news of Florence’s death. This was particularly upsetting for Trust staff who worked with Florence when she served as a trustee on our committees giving up much of her valuable time.

I would like to bring attention to the damage caused to one of the bird heads in the town square. Three young ladies were seen causing the damage. When asked to stop they gave the gentleman a mouthful of foul language. What utterly charming young ladies you must be to think your actions were warranted and clever. However we do have an idea of who you are, so when you are next wandering around with Morrisons trolleys looking for somewhere stupid to leave them – know we will be sending you the invoice for the repairs and you won’t like it!

Playzone work
We are still waiting for dates for the play zone work to commence, which is taking longer than expected, but as the planning application is for multiple sites, this is understandable. We were disappointed that tennis was not to be included on the site layout, but have been told that it is not a funded sport through the football foundation. We are not sure why this wasn’t mentioned when carrying out the consultation and it seems a little odd that after asking the community what they would like, the second highest scoring sport is then not deemed to be fundable!
However, on a more positive note work to replace the flooring on the children’s play area flooring is currently underway. Weather permitting it should be complete within a couple of weeks.

Neighbourhood Plan
We had what ended up being a positive meeting with Amble Town Council and Northumberland County Council. While this is still very early stages, all parties can see a benefit in creating a plan for the town. If the town council decide to proceed, I’m sure they will make an announcement in the future.
While planning appears to be progressing for the new JCSC build, we have asked for more information relating to the use of the Welfare for passage. However it seems that detailed design plans won’t be emerging until NCC have their preferred developer. I hope that we will meet up in January to discuss what those plans entail.
Finally, we have just been notified of the £2749.23 that has been raised through the Co-op Community Fund for the Lobster Hatchery. We would like to express our thanks to you all for your support.
All that remains now is to wish you all a very merry Christmas and prosperous New Year.

Julia, all Trust staff and Trustees

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