Reports from our County Councillors #144

Posted on 07th February 2024 | in Northumberland County Council

Cllr Jeff Watson

The area of woodland to the left of the entrance to the Braid has never been cleared since storm Arwen.

The area belongs to Northumberland Estates so I arranged a meeting with them and got agreement from them that they would tidy up the area. We will probably have to wait a while because of the condition of the ground but it will be done in the spring.

The troublesome streetlights on Acklington Road have all now been repaired and are working fine. It was a case of disputed responsibility that caused the delays.

I was pleased to assist Amble Youth Project with a grant from a charity of which I am a trustee. This project does a wonderful job in assisting and helping our young people in their formative years. I have long been a supporter of AYP, I attended a prize giving night recently and was very impressed with the way the staff related to our young people.

I have agreed to support Amble Town Council with new camera installations on Queen Street in the town centre with a grant from my members small schemes allowances. I understand that the Council is upgrading its system throughout the town, and I am pleased that I can assist with this.

On-going discussions are taking place regarding the development of James Calvert Spence College and issues surrounding it. A meeting will be held in early January to discuss these, and I will report the outcome to readers of the Ambler.

A survey is taking place with residents of Acklington Road re parking issues and possible actions. Personally, I would wait and see what the outcome of discussions about parking on the new school site is before I would change the current arrangements. Once parking restrictions are imposed it is quite difficult to have them lifted. The Council will consider responses of the survey and act if the results meet the criteria to do so.
Cllr Jeff Watson Amble West with Warkworth 07802 385367

Cllr Terry Clark

This year is set to be exciting with the prospect of a change of government; almost certainly a General Election year.

Westminster rumours of a May poll are rife, but autumn remains the more likely option. We have a real chance for change in the UK and Northumberland which is desperately needed.

We have the opportunity to deliver our first North East Metro Mayor (Kim McGuinness, Labour) a position with powers that the North East has badly needed for so long.

In addition, we have new candidates for Police and Crime Commissioner seeking election (Susan Dungworth, Labour). Together we can change things, with your support we can win.

Register to vote
Remember you are responsible for registering yourself to vote. The electoral register is a list of people who are eligible to vote in Elections and Referendums in Northumberland. You cannot vote if your name does not appear on the register.

New ID requirements for in-person voting has been required since 2023. Voters will need to show an accredited form of photographic identification in order to receive their ballot paper(s) to cast their vote at polling stations for local Mayor and Police Crime Commissioner 2024 elections, and the possible General Election.

Please note that these new requirements will not affect electors who vote by post. You can apply to vote by post for a particular election, for a set period of time or for all future elections postal votes will be sent to the registered address. Contact Northumberland County Hall, Morpeth Northumberland NE61 2EF

Voting at a Polling Station Electors who do not hold any accredited forms of photo ID will need to apply (if required) for it a free voter Authority Certificate.
For any queries please contact the NCC Election Officer on 01670 624811.
Local Electoral Registration Office –
Information – GOV.UK
Exercise your Right to Vote. In our democracy, your voice matters. Do not let confusion about voting keep you from exercising your right to vote.
Cllr Terry Clark Amble, Hauxley and North Broomhill. 07779 983768

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One thought on "Reports from our County Councillors #144"

  1. Graham Legg says:

    The Ambler is supposedly a community newspaper, I thought without political bias. Councillor Terry Clark might believe otherwise.
    I am sorry councillor some people may not see things the same way as you.. Some people may feel it is not time for a change.
    I am sorry to see you use your space for a report on things that have been done by you for supporting Northumberland – in a political way.
    I am sorry the Ambler that you allow this.
    The Ambler is a production that I admire and read regularly on its publication. Full of interesting articles produced by the local resident and of interest to local people.
    Please keep it that way

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