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Posted on 07th February 2024 | in Amble Development Trust

Hello everyone, welcome to the first Ambler of 2024! Here at the Development Trust we hope you have had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to whatever the new year brings.

A car was driven over the junior football field

We certainly are: sadly Andrew Gooding left our employment at the end of December. Andrew had made some life changes that meant he had to move and wasn’t able to travel. His job has been advertised and trustees held interviews with the result that from February we will have a new staff member who some of you will know or have come across in a different capacity already.

Matthew Connolly is chair of Amble Youth Project and a governor at JCSC, both in voluntary roles. Matthew has experience of asset management, operating a charity and funding applications, so he comes with the many skills we were looking for. We welcome him to the Trust fold.

There was also news from the Town Council just before the Christmas break. They have had their application accepted to initiate a Neighbourhood Development Plan for the town. Once they have secured the funding for it, it will be over to you the community to participate in working with the town council to determine what it is you would like to happen in the town.

No longer will there be the need to remark on social media or complain about what does or doesn’t happen – this is an opportunity to take part and help to make things happen. So please consider putting your name forward.

Some of you may be aware of an incident at the Welfare where a car was driven over the junior football field (see photo). This was done while the ground was soaking wet and covered in snow. It left deep ruts that will have to be filled and levelled out before it will be playable again. This is not only disappointing as it will cost money to repair, which could have been used to do something positive but most importantly it stops the children being able to take part in a sport they love.

We are still waiting for dates for the Playzone work to commence, but NCC have said they hoped to make an early start this year, fingers crossed!

We have also applied to the Community Foundation for additional funding to mark out tennis courts on the second MUGA as it was one of the highest scoring sports requested from the community.

And on another positive note; work to replace the flooring on the children’s play area flooring is complete. And funding has been secured to extend the compound fencing as we have more teams requiring storage.

While planning appears to be progressing for the new JCSC build we have asked for more information relating to the use of the Welfare for passage. However it seems that detailed design plans won’t be emerging until NCC have their preferred developer. Hopefully we will meet up sometime this month to discuss what those plans entail.

Our job search facilities are now open from 9am – 5pm each week day.

If you would like to contact the Ambler or you require a CV, you can do so by ringing: 01665 712929 or emailing or

All that remains is to say – come on 2024, we’re ready for you!

Julia, all Trust staff and Trustees

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