Development approved for Acklington Road

Posted on 06th March 2024 | in Community

Councillors have approved plans for almost 500 new homes Amble despite fears of traffic issues arising in the future.

Full planning has now been given to 480 houses on land next to JCSC

The proposals for 480 homes in Amble were submitted by Cramlington-based developer Tantallon Homes were given the green light by Northumberland County Council’s Strategic Planning Committee on Tuesday. An outline application had already been approved in 2022 and the plans were recommended for approval.

However, members of the committee were concerned about the single access to the estate and the impact this would have on Acklington Road. Local resident Tom Lloyd spoke at the meeting to raise the issue.

He said: “I believe this development has both an unacceptable impact on highways safety and a severe impact on the Acklington Road and where it meets the A1068. Acklington Road already serves other developments and provides access to the schools.

“How on earth can Northumberland County Council as a responsible highways and planning authority claim this is an acceptable impact on highways safety?”

Of the 480 homes, 72 will be designated as affordable homes, including four of the four-bedroom homes. This equates to 15% as allocated in the Northumberland Local Plan.

67% of the affordable homes will be for rent, while 33% will be for affordable home ownership via shared ownership and discounted market value.

A CGI image of the proposed development in Amble, showing a section of the nature play area which will be implemented in a later phase of the development.

Speaking on behalf of the applicant, Jack Osgerby of Pegasus Support said the development would provide “high quality, sustainable accommodation to Amble” and that it would create “notable benefits”.

Councillors were concerned about the impact on the highway network. However, due to the previous permission, they felt their “hands were tied”.

Referring to the decision in 2022, Coun Richard Dodd said: “I did bring up at the time there was a relatively new roundabout that could have linked into all these development.

“It is a crying shame that we have been unable to do so. I feel sorry for whoever is councillor here in years to come when they get going, because the petitions will start -anyone can see there is problems.

“There is nothing I or anybody else can do about it, but there was an opportunity missed to fix the problem we can see coming down the line. The traffic will get so bad it will be problematic in the future, I think we missed a trick.”

Coun Jeff Reid added: “It is what it is, we have agreed the scheme. I do believe this is just setting up terribly for the future.”

But Coun Caroline Ball refused to support the application. She said: “I like the housing design I like the layout and I think it is good overall, but I just think whether we like it or not people have to live on this and there will be 1,000 cars going out on this road.

“It is kicking the ball down the road. I want it on record i think we should have addressed this issue.”

Coun Ball abstained from the vote, but the rest of the committee voted to grant permission.

James Robinson

Local Democracy Reporter Service

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One thought on "Development approved for Acklington Road"

  1. Jay says:

    NCC planners and councillors seem determined to create one big urban sprawl around Amble, formerly a quiet pleasant place to live and work, now surrounded by vast estates of featureless boxes with no room in them for green spaces. There is nothing in these piecemeal developments to complement ‘old’ Amble, and definitely no improved infrastructure. Where is the joined up thinking – sooner or later the essence of Amble which attracts so many visitors will be destroyed.

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