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Posted on 20th March 2024 | in Amble Development Trust

Hello to everyone, as we look to herald in spring with our new member of staff:- Matthew Connelly, who is working on the community orchard project. Trees will be arriving soon but we need equipment and storage, so we have submitted a funding application to progress the project. If successful, equipment will be stored in the compound at the Welfare which has just been extended.

The compound extension was originally done to accommodate the additional needs of the football teams who use the pavilion, but there is a little spare space we can use.

Work on the orchard will begin in March and while the trees need to be planted before the end of the month, we have other plans that will be ongoing. If you are interested and would like to know more, please get in touch with
Some of you may be aware of an incident at the Welfare where a car was driven over the junior football field. This is still being investigated by Northumbria Police and we hope to have an outcome soon.

The football teams using the Welfare have asked if they can carry out some refurbishment work on the pavilion. Permission has been granted by trustees who are pleased to support the teams and their fundraising efforts.

The pavilion was refurbished several years ago and was paid for by the S106 received from the first Persimmon development. (See Issue #106 p17) Work carried out included: roof repairs, some building work, new doors and windows, new gas boiler, showers refurbished and lined with wet wall, floors in changing room painted, new kitchen, lounge repainted and new tables and chairs provided as well as drainage work carried out to the pitches – everything that had been promised was done.

However, the requirements of the teams, now they have amalgamated and need greater usage has changed, and they are being very proactive in attaining those requirements.

They, quite correctly, came to trustees with a plan of what they would like to do which was discussed at a meeting and agreed.

A comment on social media appears to hint that a previous request was turned down. I would point out that no plans have ever been submitted other than from the football teams. While previous intentions may have been well meaning, no actual plans came forward.

As trustees are ultimately responsible as the landowners, they can only consider plans that are presented to them. I do hope this clears up the misrepresentation.

We are still waiting for dates for the playzone work to commence. I am confident that at some point it will happen!

Amble Town Council held a preparatory meeting for the community to go through the various policies and actions for developing a Neighbourhood Plan. We understand approximately 30 people attended, which was a really good turnout. They now need to register that interest with ATC to sit on a steering group to drive it forward or perhaps liaising information with the community. There will be different options available to anyone interested.

While planning appears to be progressing for the new JCSC build, we have asked for more information relating to the use of the Welfare for passage and are still awaiting a date for a meeting.

Julia, all Trust staff and Trustees

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