Turner Street car park not yet finished

Posted on 22nd March 2024 | in Community , Northumberland County Council

The Ambler has discovered that work still needs to be done to the Turner Street car park to complete the project.

The pedestrian access to the Braid is fenced off

The informal pedestrian access to the Braid has not been finished, the footpath has not been realigned, and promised planting has not taken place. These were all agreed conditions in the original planning application.

The car park is in Northumberland County Councillor Terry Clark’s ward. He told The Ambler: “The car park is a great asset to Amble helping with increased parking capacity within the town centre, but we still have a few outstanding issues to resolve:- realigning the footpath next to the Marina to give improved visibility, and the small fence blocking access to the Braid, people should not have to jump a fence no matter the size to access the Braid.”

He added: “We have the right to pass on foot and be able to pass with mobility scooters, prams, and pushchairs along this route, it should be accessible and open to all walkers especially people with limited mobility, this obstacle can be huge barrier.”

The footpath was supposed to be re-aligned to improve visibility

We contacted Northumberland County Council, who acknowledged the work that still needs to be done, and promised to notify the relevant department.

The pedestrian access and planting was a condition of planning

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