Playground vandalised months after costly repair

Posted on 08th April 2024 | in Community

Newly laid playground flooring has been vandalised during the Easter holidays, provoking anger from Amble Development Trust.

A large amount of the rubber crumb surface at the children’s playground at the Welfare has been removed in a deliberate act.

The playground surface had only just been replaced

Director Julia Aston told The Ambler, “Somebody has lifted part of the playground surface in two places, only months after it had all been replaced. It has happened very recently. By the slide they have dug it out and ripped pieces out. By the roundabout they have also lifted part of the surface.”

Pieces of the surface have been removed

She added, “It’s infuriating. It took so long to get the money to repair the flooring, and it cost so much. This is nothing more than vandalism.”

One parent who was with his children at the playground told The Ambler, “It’s very disappointing, it took a while to get done and we didn’t use the park so much when it was bad. It’s annoying.”

The play surface had been totally replaced just before Christmas at a cost of nearly £73,000.

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One thought on "Playground vandalised months after costly repair"

  1. Mona Lott says:

    The miscreants have been identified it says. That shouldn’t detract from the fact that the surface looks very shoddy workmanship. If they have complied with regulations, then these regulations have very low standards.

    Police find it easy to deal with such petty things, I am not condoning this. Am I the only one to think they were trying to do a map?

    Yet they let go politicians, big bosses at the post office scandal, Grenfell Towers, select politicians who have broken lockdown rules. I watch you tube channels that give real news. BBC is a human interest channel. It doesn’t report on the disgraceful behaviour, anarchy, in the streets of the Capital every Saturday afternoon and the lack of police action to stop this. They can’t give Prince Harry and family protection, working or not, he is still a very important Royal, yet the Force are all over Raintree.

    Amazing how the big fry and mob escape the net or the Met.

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