36 Views: an arts project celebrating Coquet Island

Posted on 09th April 2024 | in Community , Coquet Island

A collaborative arts project celebrating Coquet Island has been launched on blogging app Substack, with hopes that the artworks will be available to view at an exhibition in Amble very soon.

Mirrored Blue Mannequins by Sally Howarth. Image Sally Howarth

The project entitled ’36 Views’ is an idea from Amble writer Allan Sutherland, with local artists, writers, photographers, musicians and others coming together to create the work.

Allan Sutherland

Allan’s inspiration for the project came as he studied Japanese language and culture during lockdown. He became fascinated with the work of Japanese artist Hokusai and in particular his 36 Views of Mount Fuji.

On his Substack, Allan says “On daily lockdown walks along the coastline, I gazed at the sea and wondered how 36 Views of Coquet Island might look – thinking of a View as being an idea, opinion or memory as much as a visual representation. Seeing it, while immersed in Japanese, helped me consider the island as being of equivalent importance to Fuji. It has a cultural, spiritual and visual significance for Amble and this part of the Northumberland coastline.”

Recently, Allan pitched this idea to a group of fellow creatives, encouraging the collaborative work, which he now intends to bring together via his blog and then, hopefully, to a wider audience at an exhibition ‘in real life’.

Subscribing to Allan’s Substack is free. In this post: https://allansutherland.substack.com/p/36-views-of-mount-fuji-and-coquet Allan describes how he became inspired by Hokusai’s depictions of Mount Fuji, and how people can see more of the ’36 Views’ project.

Anna Williams


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One thought on "36 Views: an arts project celebrating Coquet Island"

  1. Katherine Smith says:

    I was talking to the owner of the Amble Pin cushion and she told me about the 36 views of Coquet Island and suggested that you might be interested in more textile art to add to it. I was wondering if that was the case and if so if I could send you an image of my fabric paint with machine embroidery art work of my favourite view of coquet island.

    Thank you


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