Reports from our County Councillors #146

Posted on 23rd May 2024 | in Community

I am pleased to have been able to financially assist the NTC (Northumberland Touring Company) based in Amble. I think the organisation does excellent work in Amble and throughout Northumberland.

Discussions are still going on with interested parties re the closed walkway at the Harbour.

Cllr. Jeff Watson

This closure is quite complicated and involves legal issues so it has taken a very long time to get a way forward, but I do think we are getting close to a settlement. I would add that I am as frustrated as many other residents about this and will not give up until it is satisfactorily resolved.

The proposed development near the Braid is raising much concern from residents and I am asking questions of our planning department. As a member of the planning committee, I have to keep an open mind until all the facts are presented to the committee if it comes in as a formal application. This does not prevent me from asking questions.

The bus stop on Woodbine Street is to be updated soon and will become more accessible for the disabled and elderly. This is something I requested, and it is happening with the minimum of disruption to the area. 07802385367


Cllr. Terry Clark

Here are the Local Transport Scheme submissions for 2023/24

The Links Avenue and Philip Drive resurface work/phased carriageway repairs will be carried out over a period of time.

Concerns are constantly raised regarding road improvement schemes, traffic safety issues, parking, calming measures, road markings, foot/cycling path maintenance. The public can identify priorities in any area, and send submissions to NCC Highways either by email or letter to – NCC Highways, County Hall, Morpeth, Northumberland, NE61 2EF. Stating your requests.

This is called the Local Transport Plan (LTP) programme; the top three Highways and transport priority issues are considered for inclusion in the LTP programme annual review.

A Directory of Requests records all highways and transport related requests, and they are scored against LTP criteria, then the three with the highest score are considered for inclusion in future LTP programmes.

My yearly small members funding cannot contribute towards all schemes, some outweigh my balance, that is why we have the LTP programme.
Through my small schemes budget I have supported the request for double yellow lines in various locations.

The Dovecote Centre have enlarged their entrance giving greater access for vehicles especially if emergency services are needed. Double yellow lines on either side are also requested.

Double yellow lines either side of the junction of Percy Street and Smith Street will help with visibility for oncoming traffic.

Finding a parking space can be challenging, however, parking near a junction is not only illegal but dangerous. Parking too close to a junction can obstruct the view, leading to accidents and collisions; in addition emergency vehicles may need access to a junction quickly and parked vehicles obstruct their path.

The Highway code states you must not park within 10 metres (32 feet) of a junction, unless in an authorised parking space. If you need to park near a junction, make sure you do not obstruct the view of other road users ensuring that your vehicle does not block any signs, markings, or sightlines.

By using the Highway code and being considerate of other road users, you can help to keep yourself and other road users safe when parking.

Cllr Terry Clark Amble, Hauxley and North Broomhill.

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