Tesco plans delayed again

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The new Tesco store plans to employ up to 150 people

The new Tesco store plans to employ up to 150 people

Plans for the Tesco store construction have been put on hold, and a review will be made of the current building scheme, according to a Tesco official.

Shortly before a meeting between Tesco and local residents to discuss the store, Doug Wilson, Corporate Affairs Manager said that design plans for the store would now undergo a  review.

In an email, Mr Wilson said:

“We were due to start shortly on the construction of the new store, however, following feedback from the last meeting and a further review of the current scheme, it has been decided that the scheme may benefit from a re configuration and we are looking at the possibility of re orientating the store on the site.

“A change of this nature will require further planning approvals and we intend to carry out a consult exercise with all key local stakeholders once the team has come forward with some alternative layouts.

“This work will mean a delay in the programme and whilst I know this will be disappointing the view of the business was to get the layout that works for us and integrates better with the town centre.”

The site of the proposed Tesco store

The site of the proposed Tesco store

Colin Harris, Chairman of Amble Business Club expressed concern about the news of the delay.

He told The Ambler: “The worry is that we don’t know what’s going to happen. We had uncertainty last year and it got resolved and now the uncertainty is back again. This is a problem for local businesses and anyone who is planning to invest in the town’s future.

“And of course there’s the employment factor. Those people looking forward to applying for jobs. For the resident’s it’s a big issue.”

Amble’s Mayor Ian Hinson said: ” It’s disappointing. We were keyed up for doing it, we were discussing access and facilities, all was hunky dory. and now it’s full stop and back to the drawing board.”

Tesco timeline:Store announced (Aug2011)

Plans delayed  (Jan 2012)

Delay in building until Spring 2013 (May 2012)



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