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Please fill in the town survey

Amble Town Council is working alongside Northumberland County Council and Action for Market Towns on a benchmarking project.

This will provide a comprehensive report highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of Amble, how the town centre could be improved, examples of good practice and how the town fares against other similar towns across England and Wales.

Benchmarking is used to understand how town centres operate, to plan and develop regeneration, to measure the impact of developments and as an evidence base to attract funding.

You can complete the survey by going to

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  1. I booked some months ago to take part for 2 days at your PUFFIN FESTIVAL.this was as a result of being asked to attend by various people involved in the organisation.I have now been told that i cannot be accommodated due to lack of space which tells me somebody totally incompetent and useless is at the helm of the festival.
    i was asked in the first place to attend last year to take part.
    Naturally i am now at a loss since i have no opportunity to book anywhere else at such short notice and have lost considerable income.perhaps you can point me in the right direction at northumberland council to see what can be done.


    Gunther seebacher

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