Raising funds for Baby Harry

Posted on 07th May 2014 | in Community

Harry-Wintripp-and-familyBaby Harry Wintrip has finally come home to Amble after spending his first year of life in hospital. Harry was born prematurely, with respiratory and internal problems, which meant he needed major surgery. Doctors kept him in Newcastle’s RVI for twelve months before finally allowing him home.

Family and friends of the curly haired tot wanted to thank the doctors and nurses who provided Harry with such good care. They held a fundraising evening at the Radcliffe Club and collected a staggering £2,438.55 which will go directly to Respiratory Ward 2 at the RVI.

Kerry Allan, whose cousin Gavin is Harry’s father, told The Ambler: “It was an absolutely fantastic night. We just want to thank everyone for their kind donations. The Range played all night, and we had raffle donations from Amble businesses, and from businesses in other towns. We had fund raising activities throughout the evening.

“We want to thank everyone for their support, for turning out and buying tickets to the event.”

Harry’s parents Gavin Wintrip and Stacey Anderson (pictured right) wanted the money to go directly to the ward where baby Harry had spent so much time.

“The hospital was gobsmacked” said Kerry.

“They couldn’t believe we had raised that much on one night. Harry lived his first year in the RVI but he’s out now. He will still need more surgery but we are just really grateful he’s home.”