What does the Hauxley Parish Council do?

Posted on 04th November 2015 | in Hauxley Parish Council

The Parish Council is a group of local people elected as community leaders to represent the views, opinions and interests of residents living in the parish.  It is the first tier of Local Government.  Councillors work voluntarily but the Clerk is paid for her work (12 hours per month) and provides all the administrative support required.


The Council meets on the second Monday of every other month and additional meetings are held as required. Our County Councillor usually attends the meetings to report on matters of interest and he often liaises with the County Council on our behalf.


The Parish Council is a statutory local authority in its own right, having a wide variety of powers and duties conferred by many statutes and as such undertakes a vital role within the local government system. The Parish Council works closely with our County Council and other bodies to ensure the needs of the Parish and its residents are not overlooked.