Hauxley Parish Council: parking, accounts and contaminated land

Posted on 21st August 2017 | in Hauxley Parish Council

Hauxley Village Hall

Councillor Vacancies
There are currently 2 vacancies within Hauxley Parish Council. Advertisements will be posted on social media and in local notice boards. If you would be interested in applying please contact the Clerk at hauxleypc@hotmail.co.uk.

Parking plea
Residents and members of Hauxley Parish Council have requested again for all residents and members of the public to adhere to the parking restrictions to help alleviate the persistent issues with car parking and access in the parish. Parking within the parish will continue to be monitored. Residents are invited to write to the Clerk, Vicki Smith, if they would like to raise any issues at the bi-monthly parish meetings.

Contaminated Land
Hauxley Parish Council has been liaising with Northumberland County Council into the possibility of a contaminated land issue at Hauxley. Northumberland County Council has responded to state that “it should be clear that from the water sample(s) taken by the Environment Agency at the allotment site, there is no evidence of contamination caused by any human activity. Also, that the levels detected in the sample(s) taken by the Environment Agency at the allotment site do not indicate any contamination of the site or concentrations of a range of chemicals analysed which would suggest any risks to humans”

Next Meeting
The next meeting of the Parish Council is 6.30pm on Monday 11 September 2017 in the Village Hall, Low Hauxley.

Hauxley PC accounts 2017