About Us

The Ambler is a community paper for the town of Amble, Northumberland UK. It is run by one part time worker and a dedicated team of volunteers. Our first edition hit the streets in January 2000 and we have produced six issues a year ever since.

Our purpose is to keep local people in touch with local events, and to inform and encourage discussion on issues of interest to the community. We deliver a free newspaper to every house and business in Amble and a number to neighbouring communities. Our online site is updated usually every day and we also have a Twitter account and a Facebook page.

We are acknowledged as a popular and influential community resource. The Development Trusts Association (now known as Locality) has recognised The Ambler as an “inspiration in community enterprise throughout the country“.

The Ambler Community Newspaper project serves to work with all sectors and groups in the community, to inform, discuss, campaign and raise awareness of projects and issues which may impact on local residents. We encourage diversity and welcome input from individuals and groups. Recognised as an independent communication tool, local and regional organisations regularly send us information on their groups and activities, and local businesses support us to an extent through advertising.

We thank all our sponsors and advertisers who enable us to continue production.   We encourage contributions from anyone in the community who feel that they have anything interesting to tell us.  We also encourage local people to join the team. Whether you are interested in volunteering, updating your skills or gaining more experience in IT and digital media, you will be most welcome.

The Artograffi page is produced by a group of young people aged 9 yrs upwards, who are  interested in having their say and developing  journalism, layout and photography skills.

You can view some of the print editions – link here

For more information in joining The Ambler or Artograffi, contact Anna Williams.

The Ambler is a project of Amble Development Trust

Editorial Team:
Vivienne Dalgliesh, Norma Hinson, Tim Jones, Lou Pickering, Cath Teasdale, Justin Cooper.

Anna Williams

Thanks to:
Mark Beswick, The Artograffi Crew