A poignant and moving WW1 ceremony

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The band of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers led the procession from the West Cemetery to the Town Square

Amble’s part in the recent World War One commemorations was a poignant and moving event,  which combined pomp and ceremony while preserving the solemnity and humanity of the occasion.

Hundreds of people turned  out to honour the lives and ultimate sacrifice of local people who took part in WW1.

Beneath a canopy of rain-drenched trees in the West Cemetery, a quiet service of remembrance took place, during which families laid poppy tributes on the nine Commonwealth war graves.

Then, led by the band of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers,  the procession made its way down Queen Street to the Town Square.

Named crosses were then placed in the memorial gardens accompanied by music from the military band and from Northumbrian piper Beverley Palin.

The memorial event was organised by Amble Town Council and was well received by members of the public. Commemorative mugs were given to all those who took part.

“May I congratulate everyone involved in the planning and execution of the events for Amble and District to commemorate the start of WW1 over the weekend. This is an outstanding example of community commitment covering all age groups and involving everyone. In every way, the Parade, the services, the Hall’s exhibition on ‘In Memory of the Fallen’ reflects the very best of volunteer effort of the whole community. Well done,” said one participant.

Many of the memories that have been shared and the research that has been undertaken will be available in a book from Amble Town Council in September.

A short film made by local young people: “Zeppelin Over Coquet Island” can be seen here. The 3 min film recounts the night during WW1 when a German airship flew over Coquet Island, terrifying the lighthouse keeper and his teenage daughter.


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4 thoughts on "A poignant and moving WW1 ceremony"

  1. Peter Proctor-Cannon says:

    I would like to pass on the thanks Of the Light Dragoon association and its members who were in attendance to honour our towns’ fallen and there to remember Lt Lawson-Smith 13th Hussar a member of one of our antecedent Regiments, 13/18th Hussar OLd Comrades travelled from Doncaster and Barnsley to be there and lay a wreath. .
    To all involved , in making this service happen from those that tend the memorial gardens (lovely) . the Cadets that worked so hard . Our Elaine in the office our councillors , Helen a special thank you I know the work you and Michael put into this. the Churches . those that organised the exhibition . The Coop Funeral directors n staff Spurrelli for refreshments supplied to all that took part . the people of Amble and veterans came through Amble following the band ! to see so many lining the streets waving and cheering, the shopkeepers and staff outside their shops,, was heartwarming. to see and parade behind a Military Band topped a very special day .to all who were instrumental in making this a very special day We Salute you and express our gratitude . A sterling effort my old O/C would say.
    My Regimental motto is ” MEREBIMUR” We Shall Be Worthy . AMBLE and its people You Are WORTHY ,

  2. 2Lt Neil Watson says:

    I would like to echo Mr. Proctor Cannon has said. It was an honour as the Detachment Commander at Amble Army Cadets to be invited in such a moving tribute to those who died in WW1. It was wonderful to see so many people out supporting the event, even though the weather was not kind to start off with. The cadets mentioned to me afterwards how proud they were and felt part of the community being involved with the event. I am sure that this will be something that they will remember for a long time and continue to remember the fallen not just in November.

    As a town, Amble should be immensely proud of themselves.

  3. John R.King says:

    It was indeed an honour and privilege to be present at the Commemorative Day in Amble on 2nd August. My wife and I travelled up from Bedfordshire to place a tribute to my grandfather, Pte J. R. King, after whom I am named and The Northumberland Fusiliers in which he served. We felt extremely proud to be part of Amble for that day and our thanks go to Helen Lewis who invited us to participate in the ceremony and to the people of Amble who made us feel so welcome during our visit. It was good to see all ages of the community involved in this tribute of remembrance. Many thanks also to Bart Rippon, photographer at The Ambler, who took time to send us photographs of the day and direct us to this site.
    Avril & John R King

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