The group who made Amble blooming wonderful

Posted on 17th September 2014 | in Community , Heritage & Tourism

group-with-awards-2wCongratulations to award-winning Pride In Amble,the group of volunteers who have helped the town blossom into a beautiful display of flowers and shrubs.

At the LOVE Northumberland awards, held at the Alnwick Garden, the Duchess of Northumberland presented the group with a Highly Commended certificatein the Best Urban Project category.

And at Amble Town Council’s garden awards, the group came first in the group award’s for their work in theTown Square, and runner up for the Wynd planter.

Craig Weir said “After 4 years of hard work the PinA group have been given recognition for their dedication and hard work. To say we are delighted is an understatement. We are very proud that not only the Town Square but the whole town will benefit from this floral display.”

If you would like to help Amble look blooming wonderful, the PinA group are always looking for volunteers.
yellow-flower-w flowerbed-w tall-flowers-w
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