Amble Police propose office move

Posted on 30th April 2015 | in Community , News , Police


Police propose to move into an office on the middle floor of Fourways2

Amble Neighbourhood Policing Team are proposing a move to a new base in the town.

Plans are being considered to re-locate the Amble Neighbourhood Policing Team to an office on the upper-ground floor of Fourways 2 building at 6 Dilston Terrace, approximately 100 metres from Queen Street in the main shopping area.

The proposed re-location will include a front office facility for the public to visit and help to make officers more accessible, based closer to the main public areas in the town. It will also enable the force to make savings on the cost of maintaining older more expensive buildings.

Amble Police Station currently based on Leslie Drive is open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, and these opening hours will continue at the new location.

Now Northumbria Police is asking the community for their views on this proposed move. A display with information about the proposal is in the entrance to Fourways 2 building from April 22, to May 6. Residents are invited to look at the proposal and give any feedback by completing a comments card and putting it in the post box at the entrance to the office block which is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner Vera Baird said: “We want to make sure local people have an accessible and visible police presence at the heart of their community so they can readily seek any advice and help they need from their local officers.”

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6 thoughts on "Amble Police propose office move"

  1. Peter Proctor-Cannon says:

    One thing springs to mind re using Four ways building Is where are the police going to park their vehicles! there is no available parking in vicinity. Where will the out of hours facilities be for the on duty police?(police require refreshment breaks and rest room facilities! leave it as it is on leslie drive its quite central and visible to all! the station has been modernised not that long ago, has facilities and ample parking! and has been there almost sixty years! how long before they start requesting a new multi million pound police station at Alnwick as the current one is inadequate! once again the Suits making decisions. The public asked for there feedback no matter what is said the decision has already been made!

    1. theambler says:

      Hi Peter, there are three parking spaces at the rear of FW2 which the police would use. I think most police are based in Alnwick these days although we have been assured by the Inspector that the same number of police still patrol Amble:

      1. Peter Proctor-Cannon says:

        Not aware of the police station being at Saltpans at anytime , Have lived opposite it from when it was built and Leslie Drive ? St Cuthberts station has been in use constant . Prior to that the Police station was with Court Rooms on Queen St . after Leslie Drive Opened (actual address is St Cuthberts Avenue Numbers 1 & 3! Queen St police house remained in use till property sold! As Fourways is a multiple office complex there is inadequate parking for all and for police Visitors! Reassurance that Amble will receive the same level of policing will have to remain to be seen , police time in Amble will be reduced by having to parade at Alnwick and travelling to and from there! Amble is a growing town and a very popular tourist venue we need regular police presence in Amble and not just a car passing through out of hours! There will be no financial savings by moving station and police to operate from Alnwick . We have little enough actual personal contact with the actual police these days. I have lived opposite station as I said Now other than Darren community support (best known officer we have! and Malcolm Desk Civilian I know none by name . this is a common remark from locals these days! amble becomes a satellite of Alnwick time will tell! Suits Rule always. never what the public want and pay for! how long before new multi million pound station is needed for alnwick. The smaller towns and villages are the poor relations as usual! Police precept of Council tax rose this year again .

  2. Peter Proctor-Cannon says:

    Above comment was placed at 8.15pm not 7.15 your time requires adjusting !

    1. Sally Gordon says:

      And don’t forget they where based at Island View from 1974 to 1980……

    2. theambler says:

      Sorry Peter, the time is part of WordPress’s inner workings and I have no idea how to change it. I’m guessing it’s GMT. Anna

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