By Artograffi: Emma-Jane, fashion designer

Posted on 10th August 2015 | in Community , James Calvert Spence College - South Avenue , Young People’s Activities

Emma-Jane with one of her doll dress designs

Emma-Jane with one of her doll dress designs

11 year old Emma-Jane Gregory designs her own fashion and makes clothes for her dolls.

She said: “You should never judge a person by what they wear. Sometimes people think what I wear is funky or crazy.

“Sometimes I like to wear all black, all pink or all different colours. The styles that I like to wear are things from Sublevel or the fashion label Material Girl by Madonna.”

Emma-Jane said “People’s styles can sometimes tell you what they like and what type of person they are’.”

What inspires her?
Emma says she has wanted to do this since she was about 7. She was inspired by a character from a film called Monster High and by one of her favourite singers called Madonna. She is also influenced by her sister’s designer friend and people’s crazy styles.

What does fashion mean?
“Well, it means that you can express yourself through your clothes. You can have lots of styles like… Goth, geek-chic, emo, retro, boho, punk, nerdy, Pretty in Pink or cute as a kitten style, and labels such as Material Girl. ” said Emma.

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