Corona Diary: Day 33-36

Posted on 25th April 2020 | in Blogs , Community , Corona Diary , Coronavirus

The diary of a student who is no longer in school, following what this new virus means for us.

It’s been really hard to be confined to the local area. We’ve walked and ran around Hauxley, Amble and Warkworth so much that I feel like there’s no path left undiscovered, and I haven’t been in a car in six weeks, so me and my sister have come up with the hobby of deciding where we want to visit once this is all over. 

It started out with normal places like cafes and shops, but it quickly escalated until we found ourselves planning an overly elaborate road trip around France, calculating exactly how much each of the hotels would cost in all the places we wanted to visit and even looking at fuel costs. We spent far too long on Google Maps and Tripadvisor trying to find an affordable yet luxurious place to stay in Marseille where we could easily visit the Parc National des Calanques.

We would love to visit Paris some time in the future.

So far our trip is 2620 km long and pretty much around the whole of France. We’re visiting various national parks to go for runs in, loads of cities so my sister can go shopping and several castles because I think they’re great for story inspiration- including Mont Saint-Michel, which I would absolutely love to see.

We spent so long going over the tiniest details for over an hour before I remembered that there was a pandemic going on, and that meant no travel, especially to other countries. Not to mention the fact that we probably wouldn’t be going on a very long French road trip even if there was no virus.

Despite the fact it was very unrealistic, it was fun to imagine having the freedom to travel and visit all these different places. Maybe once this is over we’ll be able to appreciate travelling even more, and maybe someday me and my sister can go on our trip for real.

by Lily Tibbitts

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3 thoughts on "Corona Diary: Day 33-36"

  1. Malcolm Craven says:

    Love it, stay safe (and in France)

    1. Lily Tibbitts says:

      Thank you!

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