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Posted on 07th December 2020 | in Community , Letters & Email

Why change the boundaries?

In reference to your article on page 4 and 14 Issue 124 Oct/Nov 2020 about the changes to the Parish Boundaries.
The last time I heard about boundary changes was at national level under David Cameron’s administration. I heard this on BBC Radio2 and the newsreader said very clearly that all the changes were in favour of the Tories. To my recollection there was no objection from the opposition. Why? Well with this and a couple of other things it convinced me that the Leader of the Opposition was just a rebadged Tory.
As we now know the newsreader was spot on, as Labour have lost the last four elections, and they wonder why. Who would have thought that by moving boundaries would have such an impact on the shift of political power.
I would like to ask a few questions:
1. Who wants to move the boundaries, but more importantly why?
2. Did they discuss the proposals with the parish councils before the voting took place?
3. Why were two done on a show of hands, yet Hauxley’s went to a named vote. What is a named vote? I have to assume it is as it says, all councillors putting it in writing than just a show of hands.
My concern is like before, changing boundaries will have an impact on political power, as the Tories already know. So who is going to benefit the most from these changes? It certainly won’t be Hauxley. Whatever reason they have for moving that boundary has to be a damn good legitimate reason. We know what’s at stake both politically and financially. I hope that Hauxley will endeavour and get what is rightfully theirs.

KC, Via email

Thanks from Amble Food Bank

We thank Councillor Jeff Watson for his very generous donation of £500, from his members small scheme allowance, to the Amble Food Bank as a contribution to the half term effort of providing food to those children in need in Amble and surrounding area.
This is a very demanding time for those who are finding it difficult to make ends meet and we only fear it is only going to get worse before getting better.
We know this will go a long way to providing those who have found themselves in this situation, through no fault of their own, with the support they need.
Once again thank you for your support to the Amble Food Bank.

Bill Cruickshank, Coordinator Amble Food Bank

Swimming at the Little Shore
As a regular swimmer at the Little Shore for the last eight years I thought I would contact you about the one incident which concerned me.
This is in light of more people using the area for recreation especially with the current interest in wild swimming .
Whilst swimming close to the beach huts I got whipped along by a strong current pulling me towards the pier. As I was not out of my depth I was able to get out but it was a strong pull and frightening. A local coastguard informed me that it was due to the proximity of the river. The tide was coming in but this combines with downcoming river water to push a current into the Shore.
With the possibility of children in the vicinity of the huts it is a worry however. I am wondering whether a sign near the beach huts may be an idea to inform people.
Ruth Hawkins
via email

Thank you for helping me
I’d like to offer a huge thank you to all of the people who came to my assistance when I fell down in Amble main street on Friday (lunchtime) 25th September – in particular to the man who was first on the scene and stayed with me offering support in a calm, caring manner as well as giving me space until I pulled myself together (also asking all the ‘right questions’!)
Apart from being dazed and shocked for a few hours after, only my pride and specs appear to have suffered any long term hurt (thankfully).
I’m sorry I wasn’t in a fit state to say a proper thank you to you all at the time but I send my sincere and warmest wishes to you all. Stay well and stay safe. Thanks again.
Joan Robinson (Chester le Street) via email

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