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Posted on 10th February 2021 | in Community , Letters & Email

Saving the town trees
I wonder if anyone has noticed that the centre of Amble has only one mature tree. It’s a handsome sycamore behind the Co-op car park, and it’s rapidly becoming choked by ivy.
We have recently lost two cherry trees, nearby, to ivy; and unless the ivy is removed from the sycamore, it too will die!
Maybe some crowd-funding could help to keep it alive?
Anne Potts
High St, Amble

Amble Gymnasium patrons
I wonder if you can help me, I am trying to find out anything about Amble Gymnasium Patrons. This goes back to around 1935 and is an inscription on a gravestone of my uncle in Amble West Cemetery. It came to light when a relative was having the gravestone cleaned and discovered the words. ‘From Amble Gymnasium Patrons’ under his name, so it’s possible it was donated by them.
Any help would be appreciated.
Regards, Betty Fox ( Mrs) via email

Can you help me find the love of my life?

For four months before Christmas, I had been exchanging texts, several times a day, with a very beautiful lady from Amble, who works for the NHS. I won’t give out her name, but her birthday is 30. 09. 55.
I accidentally dropped my mobile phone into the local canal, straight into approximately 10 feet of water, and although I tried very hard to find it, I failed.
The facts I’ve given you are what I can remember.
I tried the local police in Morpeth, to see if there’s a Community Constable. I’ve tried the supermarket in Amble. I’ve tried six hospitals in the area, but they claimed they couldn’t help me. I tried the Amble Post Office, twice. I even emailed the hospital radio service, without either success or acknowledgement.
You, and your publication are my last hope, I can’t think of a next step. Will you please help, ask, do anything you possibly can, to help me to find her?

K.E. Via email

Boundary change questions answered

I would answer the points made in KC’s letter published in the last edition of the Ambler. (Why change the boundaries, p6, Issue 125)
MP’s constituency borders changes are handled by the independent Boundary Commission and are not effected by Parish Boundaries.
I am not aware of any significant change in Northumberland to these borders in recent times and there could not have been a “shift in political power “ because of them here.
KC asked three specific questions, answers are;
1.The recent requests to move boundaries of the Town Council (not Parliamentary boundaries) came from Amble Town Council and were because they felt the areas involved should be part of the settlement of Amble.
2.The Parish Councils involved were all consulted and views gathered.
3.Some County Councillors at the Council meeting in County Hall (digitally) requested a named vote on the Hauxley boundary but no requests were made for the other application.
A named vote means that every Councillor attending that meeting is asked there and then for their vote on the issue and it is then duly recorded, counted and a decision announced.
Finally, these changes will have no effect on political power but merely will alter Town or Parish council boundaries which are not political wards.
Who will benefit is a relevant question for precept paying residents but it certainly is not a particular political party.

Jeff Watson (Cllr)
via email

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  1. Mona Lott says:

    Appreciate your concerns, such things can go unnoticed. Not sure what is meant by crowd funding, a whip round? If the tree isn’t that tall, maybe do it ourselves job would be best. I get my shears out to tidy a bit around where I live.

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