Export headaches continue for Amble shellfish company

Posted on 25th March 2021 | in Business News

An Amble company which exports shellfish to the EU say they are managing to deliver to France and Spain now, but staff are exhausted with the mountains of red tape now needed since Brexit took effect. They say the government has done nothing to help ease the situation.

Coquet Island Shellfish took part in the January protest in London

Jane Pedersen, sales director for Coquet Island Shellfish, which employs around 70 people, said “Any progress we have made has been down to the hard work and determination of the staff and management at Coquet Island Shellfish.

“We are succeeding in making daily exports to Europe, but have a mountain of time-consuming, costly, and largely pointless paperwork to submit in order to do so. (Reams and reams, and who reads it?)”

In January, Coquet Island Shellfish took part in a protest by seafood exporters in London. Lorries from the Scottish and English seafood industry drove around Westminster in a show of strength, protesting at the new export regulations and extra paperwork. Later, PM Boris Johnson pledged £23m to help businesses if they are affected by bureaucratic delays ‘through no fault of their own’.

Jane said “The barriers to trade are horrendous, especially after so many years of frictionless trade.”

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2 thoughts on "Export headaches continue for Amble shellfish company"

  1. Wilf Cook says:

    I’ve said all along we were better together. BREXIT was wrong. Mind I’ve been shot down so many times from your locals and Newbiggin I still think I’m right. Wilf

  2. Karen O’Mahony says:

    I agree with you!

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