Who will get your vote? Amble’s 2021 County Council candidates

Posted on 30th April 2021 | in Community , Northumberland County Council

Northumberland County Council elections take place on 6 May. We are asked to vote for two people to represent Amble on the County Council, as well as for a Police and Crime Commissioner.

Labour’s Terry Clark (Amble) and Conservative Jeff Watson (Amble West with Warkworth) are standing again, along with representatives of the three main political parties.

Six candidates in total are vying for your votes in the two Amble wards. Here’s a little bit about each one:

Amble (with Hauxley and Togston)


Terry Clark

I have worked for Northumberland Estate as a building maintenance worker for 34 years as a painter decorator (signwriter) working in the grandest castle to small tenants cottages in rural Northumberland.

I am inspired by the work carried out by Robert Arckless over the last 30 years, and hope to be re-elected to continue that work. I was particularly supportive of the recent investments such as the £1.9m Seafood Centre (Harbour Village), £4m hotel which will increase jobs, and £2m affordable social housing in Amble.

As I head into my second County election I’m acutely aware that proving yourself to be re-elected is an entirely different thing with trepidation standing on my own, I’m going again, this time it’s very personal.

Thank you to everyone in Amble, Hauxley, & North Broomhill it has been very encouraging, engaging with people attending my surgeries, listening to your views, idea’s and issues, if elected again on 6th May I will continue to hold regular surgeries throughout the year.


JUNE WATSON – Conservative

June Watson

Since standing for the Amble Ward at the last election I have remained active in the local community during my spare time and often attended County Council meetings in the public gallery to observe the debates. I also attended many online Amble Town Council meetings on Zoom to keep up to date with local matters and followed with interest the issues raised by residents. I have independently lobbied council representatives for new footpaths and pothole repairs and flagged up other issues such as litter.

Working with young adults in higher education over the past four years has given me the experience to understand the importance of positive outcomes for school leavers and how our investment in Amble’s James Calvert Spence School will revitalise our children’s educational needs and offer better facilities. Amble Ward needs a local champion who will talk directly with residents on the priorities for their area. My recent survey, telephone calls and texts to residents have been extremely useful and provided me with valuable information to enable me to hit the ground running when elected on 6 May 2021.



David Woodard

David is an experienced county councillor. He was the county councillor for Pegswood Ward from May 2008 until May 2013. When Northumberland County Council became a Unitary Authority in April 2009 David became its first Chairman.

David was also a councillor on Castle Morpeth Borough Council, initially for Ponteland East and then for Ulgham Ward, for a total of ten years until 2009. David has also served as a Northumberland parish councillor for over thirty years until 2018. He served on Ponteland Parish Council, and then after moving to Ulgham in 2001, on Pegswood Parish Council for ten years until 2018.

In May 1987 David became parish council representative on the executive committee of NALC (the Northumberland Association of Local Councils). NALC offers advice and support to parish and town councils. David is currently NALC’s honorary president.

David says, “If elected I would wish to work closely with Amble Town Council and the Development Trust to identify and deliver on local issues and needs. I wish to see less confrontation between the politcal groups on the County Council. When the Lib Dems became the largest party group on the Council in 2008 it formed a minority administration. For five years it gained the confidence and sufficient support from the other political groups to successfully deliver Northumberland County Council services.”

Amble West with Warkworth


Mike Joyce

I am a retired soldier Michael Anthony Joyce to take on Northumberland constituency for the Local and General election. I don’t think the Conservative MP or Councillor here represents the views of most local people, especially over Brexit.  What we need is a strong local MP and Councillor who really understands the North East and the sort of issues facing people. Bring back Labour to the people.

During a 22-year career in the Services I served in Northern Ireland, Bosnia and Iraq. I was awarded The Good Service Medal (GSM).

“I campaigned vigorously in favour of leaving the EU.  But it is a job only half done.  We have to see it through and make sure the Tories don’t backslide on Brexit.  Only by voting for me and for Britain here can you guarantee a strong voice in Westminster and the Local Council.

I am campaigning to stop the funding cut to our schools and redirect money to improving our local businesses and social care here in Amble. I also want to employ more local police, work closely with the Parish Council keeping Amble green. I would also look at creating local cash awards for entrepreneurs who have created jobs for the local community.

I am trying to stand for honesty, integrity and fairness. I am very patriotic, as a soldier I fought for my country and I believe an Englishman’s home is his castle.  Charity begins at home and I believe we need to put the Great back into Great Britain.


JEFF WATSON – Conservative

Jeff Watson

I have lived and worked in this Ward for nearly 30 years and was born in the North East. I have represented Amble West as a County Councillor and have also been a Town Councillor for a number of years ensuring that the issues and concerns of the area are addressed. I have actively worked on improving the local infrastructure for the whole of Amble even though much of it is in the neighbouring ward. I was an instrumental part of the group who ensured the Turner Street Car Pak and other developments such as Morrisons came to fruition. I pride myself in always being available to everybody and will continue to work for the best interests of local residents.



John Wilson

Having lived continuously in Amble West and Warkworth for 36 years, John believes has an appreciation of the complex issues and challenges facing the local community, and the county as a whole. “After a career in local government and education (at university, further and secondary level), I believe I have the skill set to represent the interests of people of Amble West and Warkworth on the County Council. If elected, my particular focus is Making Lives Better for everyone, both within the immediate area, and Northumberland as a whole”.

John is wishing to enter local politics now for a number of reasons. The primary reason is to re-balance the political complexion of the County Council, away from the political squabbling of the two main parties, and to bring a common sense approach to decision taking and communicating with people. Promoting the local economy and increasing the range of affordable housing are central to John’s ambitions.

Central to John’s ambition is the agreement of a Neighbourhood Plan for the immediate area, a plan that will reflect residents’ preferences, and inform planning decisions at the county level.

In addition to an interest in politics, John runs a smallholding on the edge of Warkworth, causing quite a stir some years ago when he introduced rheas (South American version of the ostrich family) to Warkworth. In addition to politics John is interested in environmental issues, self-sufficiency, history, agricultural heritage, and test cricket.

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7 thoughts on "Who will get your vote? Amble’s 2021 County Council candidates"

  1. P.Thompson says:

    I would hope that Terry would respect the need for a functional pedestrian crossing on the wynd in Amble.
    Many of us fear being knocked down due to incessant traffic, it would be a major lift to us slower lot who can’t wait for ten plus cats to pass before … The worst scenario to happen, walk safe be safe. Wait and see? Walk and live.

  2. Michael Joyce says:

    I fully support the idea of a pedestrian crossing as elderly pedestrians, disabled people and children deserve to be able to cross the road without fear of being hit by a vehicle.

  3. Mic Brown says:

    I won’t be voting because I don’t like any of them! How do you choose the best from a barrel of rotten apples? But as long as WATSON doesn’t get in again I’ll be happy!!

    1. theambler says:

      in 2013, the Amble West with Warkworth ward was decided by ONE vote!

  4. K G Ramshaw says:

    In reply to Mic Brown,i would agree with him.The same man must have put his name to the money being spent in Warkworth where he lives,to lay paving slabs which look like sandstone and are very pretty,while Amble gets tarmac on Church Street,and Queen street where most visitors walk,is not even touched.There are beautiful old fashioned street lamps in Walkworth,not in Amble though.The car park at the cross in Warkworth gets re-surfaced every year,in Amble,there is a shortage of car parking,especially in holiday season.Talk about looking after oneself.Amble gets left to look like a dump,yet it gets more visitors than Walkworth.

  5. Mona Lot says:

    To Mic and KG Totally and fully agree with you. Left with a Hobson’s choice I opt out of voting, haven’t voted since years. Why vote for the heck of it. Indeed, If the winner gets in by a close shave, it should serve as a fair warning not to me but to the candidate. It could come down to a lucky dip amongst them for all I care.

  6. Simon Matthews says:

    I won’t be voting for any party other than Reform

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