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  • Coquet Island rare birds devastated again by Avian Flu

    13th December 2023

    Regular walkers on our beaches will be in no doubt that Avian Flu once again devastated…

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  • New team on Coquet Island face another devastating season

    27th July 2023

    Working with nature brings both constants and change, and so it is with the team and…

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  • Avian flu hits Coquet Island for the second year

    13th July 2023

    Avian flu (AI) has hit the RSPB Coquet Island bird reserve for a second year, with…

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  • Looking back on 2022

    24th December 2022

    Early 2022 saw Amble still recovering from the aftermath of the 2021 winter storms Arwen and…

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  • Keep birds indoors ruling from government

    3rd November 2022

    Following the continued incidence of avian flu across the country and a heightened risk due to…

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  • Heartache as virus hits Coquet rare birds

    22nd July 2022

    Fears for the future of an endangered bird species have been voiced, after the devastation wrought…

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  • Alarm raised after hundreds of deaths on bird sanctuary

    1st July 2022

    “We are on the brink of disaster,” RSPB warden Paul Morrison told The Ambler, as he…

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  • Concern over dead seabirds along Amble coastline

    10th June 2022

    Concern has been voiced over dozens of dead seabirds found along the coastline from Amble to…

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