Actually some good news

Posted on 13th August 2012 | in Community , Heritage & Tourism

Welcome to this souvenir edition of The Ambler, stuffed full of all the exciting events that have taken place recently, and bursting at the seams with activities still to come.

The Jubilee celebrations were such a success – many congratulations to Amble Action Group and the Town Council for organising it so well.

Then the arrival of the Olympic Torch – ok it poured and were all soaked, but what a welcome we gave it.

And finally the Royal visit by Prince Charles and the Duchess of Northumberland. What a wonderful day – the sun even shone! A little birdy tells me that His Royal Highness was impressed with the welcome he received and very much enjoyed his visit.

The pavillion at Amble’s Welfare will now get a makeover

Good news too, as we can announce that the Development Trust has secured funding through Sport England and Amble Town Council, to carry out refurbishment works to the pavillion at the Welfare. This will mean that doors and windows can be replaced, a new heating system installed and further internal refurbishment works carried out.

Enjoy your summer.

This article has been amended. A temporary camper van project has been cancelled. Contact julia [at]ambledevelopmenttrust[dot]org[dot]uk for details

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One thought on "Actually some good news"

  1. kayleigh says:

    that’s great news! sport is such an important part of Amble and should be embraced.

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