A road to new housing?

Posted on 07th December 2017 | in Amble Town Council , Community , James Calvert Spence College - Acklington Rd

I was pleased to see that Jeff Watson is agreeing with me, regarding traffic to and from the planned housing estate beside the high school (JCSC).

In issue 107 of The Ambler, in his councillor’s report, he says that he proposed that approval be given for the 500 houses on condition that the developer should construct a “full size road from Acklington Road to the far side of the development”.
This would make it easier to link that road to the A1068, thus avoiding problems at the Masons Arms corner. His proposal was accepted.

I described my idea for dealing with traffic problems, in issue 103 suggesting that Acklington Road be connected to the A1068 opposite Hauxley road end.

I believed that the planned route of the Amble by-pass could have been used, and we wouldn’t need to wait for any link road.
However Councillor Watson’s proposal is a start. Let’s hope that future budget cuts at county level will not hamper these plans.

Ian Hinson