• Poem: The brilliance of buses

    Poem: The brilliance of buses

    2nd December 2010

    I want to talk of Buses and the freedom that they bring Of all the fun…

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  • Torchlight Procession: your images

    Torchlight Procession: your images

    29th November 2010

     Images from Mark Beswick (1-4) and Carle Robinson (5-8)

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  • Hauxley snowy images (slideshow)

    Hauxley snowy images (slideshow)

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  • Snowy Amble images (slideshow)

    Snowy Amble images (slideshow)

    26th November 2010

    You are very welcome to send us your photos. Email to editor@theambler.co.uk November images of Amble by…

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  • Remembrance Day images

    Remembrance Day images

    15th November 2010

     Despite Sunday 14th November’scold and miserable weather, a large crowd gathered in Amble’s town square to mark this…

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  • Your letters & email:Oct

    Your letters & email:Oct

    21st October 2010

    Island view Thank you for [sending] The Ambler. Very interested to read Ian’s letter with photos…

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  • How to contribute to The Ambler

    How to contribute to The Ambler

    18th October 2010

    If you have an event in Amble or surrounding area that you would like to publicise, or if…

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  • Gannet at the Salt Pans

    Gannet at the Salt Pans

    30th September 2010

      Picture taken this morning (September 30th) – injured Gannet at the Salt Pans:   It has…

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  • A poster for Amble

    A poster for Amble

    16th September 2010

      Having relatives who moved to Amble some years ago, I regularly trek the length of…

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  • Northumberland Foods: your experience

    Northumberland Foods: your experience

    6th September 2010

    A long time employee of Northumberland Foods gave The Ambler his view on the main problems…

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