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  • What Artograffi had to say in 2023

    18th December 2023

    The young journalists who write and design Artograffi, the centre pages of The Ambler have had…

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  • Artograffi #135

    22nd August 2022

    Top 5 reasons why YOU should join Artograffi! We are looking for new people to help…

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  • Artograffi #132

    31st January 2022

    Sea Dragons and Massive Millipedes Invade Britain Scientists have found evidence of these two creatures living…

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  • Artograffi: #123

    21st August 2020

    NO HUGS FOR GRANDAD As our new normal life begins, our quarantine life comes to an…

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  • Artograffi ‘Spooky edition’

    Artograffi ‘Spooky edition’

    6th November 2012

    Welcome to Artograffi’s Halloween edition. Do Owen and Alex survive the attack of Blood Jaws? Find…

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  • Be Safe On Bonfire Night

    Be Safe On Bonfire Night

    22nd October 2012

    Last year, Artograffi created these “Stay safe on Bonfire Night” messages.   Always stay behind the…

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  • Happy Easter from Artograffi

    Happy Easter from Artograffi

    4th April 2011

    HELLO! Welcome to the Easter edition of Artograffi! Don’t eat too many eggs because you might…

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  • The Ambler and Artograffi are on Facebook!

    The Ambler and Artograffi are on Facebook!

    21st February 2011

    The Ambler and Artograffi are offically on Facebook! Keep up to date with the young people’s…

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  • Love From Artograffi

    Love From Artograffi

    14th February 2011

    The problem of fat children in the North East More than 5,000 children in the north-east…

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  • The page in the middle of the Ambler

    The page in the middle of the Ambler

    6th December 2010

    December: santa, beautiful weather & adults getting drunk       December is a really good month because a…

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