• Cheque given to animal charities in memory of Oscar the Pod Cat

    2nd July 2019

    After the death of Oscar the Pod cat in February, two memorial plaques were placed in…

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  • The Colony Music Festival

    The Colony Music Festival

    10th June 2014

    A two-day festival of local music ended the 2014 Puffin Festival. Hundreds of people turned out…

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  • Crowds flock to Puffin Festival

    Crowds flock to Puffin Festival

    6th June 2014

    Amble’s second Puffin Festival drew huge crowds to the opening and closing events, while visitors and…

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  • Corgis didn’t approve

    Corgis didn’t approve

    12th August 2011

    The work done on behalf of animal charity PARRT (People‚Äôs Animal Rescue and Rehoming Team) by…

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  • Charity Fair

    Charity Fair

    8th March 2011

    Amble Development Trust are holding a Charity Fair on April 16th in the Parish Hall, Dovecote…

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  • PARRT payment to save animals

    PARRT payment to save animals

    22nd October 2010

    Animal rescuers facing a record intake of abandoned and neglected pets have had a welcome four-figure…

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