New seat in memory of Amble Mayor

Posted on 23rd July 2010 | in Community

New seat in memory of Amble Mayor

A new seat has been placed at the West Cemetery in memory of Amble Mayor John Hedley who died last September. Robert Arckless in one of his last duties before stepping down as current Mayor, paid tribute to John as family, friends and town councillors gathered together.

Family of John Hedley
Above: family of John Hedley at the memorial seat and plaque

“John was immensely proud of his Amble roots; the fact that he was born here and lived here all his life. When the Town Council decided it was time to replace some seating in the cemetery we agreed that it would be appropriate to pay tribute to John by including a plaque in memory of him on one of the new seats; we have contributed to the cost.” said Coun Arckless.

John was an Amble Town Councillor for twenty five years. Improvements to the cemetery were made as a result of his planning and financial organisation.
“So let us remember him with affection and respect. John M.Hedley, Amble man, Councillor, Town Mayor, friend.”

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